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4 reasons to cooperate with us

"Ukrainian Berry" - one of the leading companies in Ukraine stands out among competitors, the quality of production. For the past 5 years, the company "Ukrainian Berry" makes deliveries of frozen berries throughout Ukraine. The company continues to improve its services and products to that demanding client may, at any time and are easy to buy wholesale frozen berries in any quantity and best quality!

As regards wholesale frozen berries - the company "Ukrainian Berry" produces large volumes of products that you can buy in bulk. Selling wholesale raspberry, blueberry sale wholesale, wholesale gooseberries, as well as currants, strawberries, honeysuckle, black currant and cherry - all this can be bought in bulk at low prices and high service.

You need to buy wholesale frozen berries? Call! And quality products company "Ukrainian Berry" already half way to you. We sell a wide assortment of berries in Ukraine. All berries after harvest from plantations, immediately frozen, so we retain the original flavor and freshness of the berries.

We are waiting for your call and are ready to place an order for the supply of frozen berries in bulk. Ensure the quality of our service in person :)